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I am a 4th-Year at the University of Chicago, pursuing a major in Data Science and a minor in Statistics. I grew up in Mahomet Illinois, a small town in Central Illinois, and went to Mahomet Seymour High School. I originally planned on pursuing a double major in Neuroscience and Psychology, and became a Research Assistant at the University of Chicago Memory Lab in the Fall Quarter of my 2nd year, while independently studying Python. I quickly found out that I was enjoying my statistics and coding far more than the neuroscience course and the lab I was working in, so I shifted focus to my passion for data, particularly excited about the potential for me to pair that with my love for basketball. I began interning for the University of Chicago Basketball Team the following summer, in charge of creating statistical models and presenting data on how to optimize offensive output for their returning players. Since then, I've continued work for the Basketball team for the last two seasons, while enhancing my coding skills in R and Python. Through this work, I have learned how to present complicated and dense statistics in a digestible way so that people without a background in statistics could understand the conclusions I’d drawn from the numbers.

About Me

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